O2CHAIR users’ testimonials

"Amazing.... I feel so relax after just a few minutes inside the chair. I have never experienced anything like this. Wonderful!"

Guy Forget, Pro tennis player

"... I felt more air coming into my lungs. This is an excellent tool to open my thoracic rib cage. "

Claudia Tagbo, Movie actress

"...after few minutes, I felt myself in a stage of complete wellbeing and relaxation. Amazing chair. Thank you. "

Alain Bernard, French Olympic swimmer

"...amazing, so relaxing. I felt so good laying in the chair. I feel more energy in my body. Thank you. "

Michele Larocque, Movie actress

"...unbelievable! I experienced a real, deep relaxation in just few minutes. I feel so much more relax and at the same time more energized.
Wow! Amazing!"

Jerome Fernandez, Pro Handball Player

"... amazing sensation of complete relaxation. You can feel yourself breathing better. This is a top invention! "

Richard Dacoury, Pro Basketball player

"...five minutes of deep relaxation. I feel my body rejuvenated! "

Stephane Diagana, French Athlete Champion

"... a real efficient way to relax, to get ride off the stress and at same time getting an opportunity to learn how to breath without efforts. This is amazing! "

Jason Lamy Chappuis, French skiing champion