Tested Efficiency

Over 1,000 people have tried the O2CHAIR
for 5 to 10 mins

CES Las Vegas and many other trade shows

Clinical research validated by Dr David O’Hare

Heart Coherence Specialist

World famous athletes use the O2CHAIR

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Exercise duration 10 mins
Mode Relax (Heart Coherence)
Option 1 Zero gravity mode from 0 to 5 mins
Option 2 Swing mode from 5 to 10 mins
Breath strength 50%
Breathing frequency 0.10Hz
(5 seconds inhalation- 5 seconds exhalation)
Amount of users 35
Male 22
Female 13
Age 19 to 61 years old

Proven results

Preliminary studies conducted by the
Aix - Marseille University Bio Mechanic Laboratory
January 2017

  1. 89%

    of users have achieved a better heart coherence performance.

    Decrease of the sympathetic nervous system’s activity.

    Increase of the parasympathetic nervous system’s activity

    A regular practice of heart coherence has many health benefits.

  2. 81 %

    After session: 81% of users have normal blood pressure.

    (Systolic < 14mmHg & Diastolic < 9mmHg) versus 66% before session.

    Using the O2CHAIR lowers abnormally high blood pressure.

  3. 96%

    SPO2 after session > for 91% users.

    Measuring SPO2 (oxygen blood saturation level) allows to verify the amount of oxygen blood, in order to evaluate the general efficiency of your breathing system.

  4. 60%

    of users witness the fact that the O2CHAIR helps them to sleep.

    The O2CHAIR speeds up the power nap time.

    Relaxing feeling experienced after just a few minutes. Experienced less fatigue.

  5. 86%

    of users described their experience with the O2CHAIR as relaxing and giving a feeling of peacefulness.

    The O2CHAIR decreases the level ofstress.

    Also decreases activity of the nervous system, while increasing the level of relaxation.

  6. 86%

    of users enjoyed their experience with the O2CHAIR.

    The O2CHAIR is conducive to physical and psychological relaxation within just a few minutes.

    Decreases muscular tension.

    Increases the feeling of wellbeing.

The 4 words mostly used to describe the O2CHAIR experience.

To conclude, the voluntary participants are
feel better more relaxed, less stressed,
and less tired.


Regular sessions on the O2CHAIR: