Press Contacts

Jean-Louis Portales
Phone: +33 4 99 53 83 03 - -
Headquarter: 7 Parc d’activité des 3 fontaines

Founded Date March 2014

Jean-Louis Portales, Founder & Major Shareholder
Marc Champsaur, Board Member
Philippe Burgart, Board Member
Pascal Brunel, Board Member
Careen Dankers, Board Member

Company profile
O2CHAIR® is a company specializing in the well-being sector and uses high technology as well as personal coaching to improve people’s health. The O2CHAIR flagship product, O2CHAIR®, is the first and only Breathing Chair available in the world, that helps millions of people to relax and energize themselves quickly. O2CHAIR recently developed a second concept called ’On Board Breathing’ which is a lighter and more compact version of the 02CHAIR that can be embedded into many seats, such as car seats. O2CHAIR’s team of Breathing, Health, and Business Experts and Specialists ensure a strong and permanent presence around the world.

The O2CHAIR has a unique patented design that makes it a powerful all-in-one concept with features enhancing abdominal breathing. An application, available on Google Play and Apple Store, interacts with the Chair and guides users through basic breathing movements for optimal oxygenation and better stress management.