Planes and Health

Long flights may cause some health issues to passengers: low oxygen level, transport sickness, bad blood circulation, dehydration, disruption of the body’s internal clock, fatigue, stress, fears...Source

04.08.2015 - Everybody is talking about it !

The NHS (UK National Health Service) recommends to breathe rightly to ease pain:
Concentrating on your breathing when you’re in pain can help. When the pain is intense it’s very easy to start taking shallow, rapid breaths which can make you feel dizzy, anxious or panicked. Instead, breathe slowly and deeply. This will help you to feel more in control of the situation and will keep you relaxed and prevent any muscle tension or anxiety from worsening your pain.
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01.14.2015 - A big thanks to everybody who visited our booth at the #CES, Las Vegas!

Thank you all for your support and beliefs in this big adventure!

A huge thanks goes out to the team for this successful show and the amazing and dedicated work. Visitors loved the O2CHAIR!

2015 is going to be a very promising year!!