SARL INNOVZEN® is a company specializing in the well-being sector and uses technology to improve health.

The pace of life has changed a lot within the last 10 years. Poor work-life balance and days full of hurry and worry can cause stress and unprecedented pressure, sleeping disorders, which are often the cause of many diseases.

SARL INNOVZEN just launched a new concept aiming at helping people better breathe, relax and manage stress. The new O2CHAIR® is a revolutionary and unique chair that will help millions of people improve their health and reduce symptoms.

Values of the company:

- Well-being
- Innovation
- Customer & employees satisfaction

Vocation and mission:

Design and commercialize the O2CHAIR, a chair designed for breathing reeducation, relaxation and stress management.

’Breathe Deeply For A Healthier Life’




CEO and Major Shareholder

After obtaining a Master Degree in Economics, his entrepreneurial and educational skills led him to work for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a Business Consultant.

Since the beginning of his career, Pascal has helped thousands of Project Managers and over 2000 companies from various sectors develop businesses. His peers and colleagues really appreciate his overall vision and pragmatism. Thanks to his knowledge in business management, accompanied by his daily contact with experts at all levels, Pascal is an outstanding Consultant. His finance, tax and legal expertise is essential for the success of O2CHAIR.

Cycling and swimming fan, Pascal has always been interested in well-being products and services and he is convinced that O2CHAIR will improve people’s lives.



Founder of Innovzen

Passionate about sports, Jean-Louis Portales obtained a sports instructors diploma and has been working as an alpine skiing and scuba instructor, competitor and great diver, sports and stress management coach as well as a yoga teacher. He is a self-educated person who has studied Breathing for over 20 years.

Throughout his practice, he understood the power of a controlled stress management and emotional Breathing for sports performance and motivation, and its incredible benefits on mental and physical health.

He is convinced that the understanding of breathing and the implementation of practical exercises can greatly improve the health of its citizens.

Philippe BURGART

Founder of ADR SAS and Shareholder

With an aeronautics background as a navigation engineer, Philippe founded his engineering company over 5 years ago and has managed a large number of innovative projects within the medical and well-being industries.

His engineering specializes in the production of prototypes, parts and components in composite materials such as carbon fiber, titanium and ceramic alloys.

Passionate about sports and ergonomics, Philippe and his team got involved in the O2CHAIR project right from the beginning and they know the O2CHAIR concept like the back of their hands.

Enthusiastic and known for his sense of humor, Philippe fully supports the project and he is already developing new offerings for O2CHAIR.


Frédéric Durieu

Polytechnic engineer

Interactivity designer
Developer – program analyst - Electronics Functional prototype development
New media artist
Panoramic and virtual visit photographer
Born in 1967 in Brussels, Frédéric Durieu is a new media artist since 1994. After polytechnics studies, he creates Magic Media, a multimedia company based in Brussels. In 1998, he moved to Paris and creates "LeCielEstBleu": a collective of Interactive arts artists. The mathematics and algorithms poetry becomes his passion. This form of expression is named "algorithmic poetry" by the collective. Its interactive works are exhibited in major museums such as the Pompidou Center, the Design Museum in London, the Museum of Modern Art in Paris or the Tokyo Palace. Many awards such as the new scriptures of the SACD, the SCAM, and the Moebius International also rewarded his work.
For O2chair, Frédéric is in charge of the software and music as well as the electronics programs of the functional prototypes.

www.fredericdurieu.com - www.cestdelart.org - www.toutletour.com